7 reasons for making The Follow-Up Call – Part 5

By not making the follow-up call, you create a negative multiplier out in the marketplace.

People rarely remember when you do something right, but they never forget when you do something wrong. You’ll be amazed at how many people they’ll tell, when you let them down. For many of us in the ‘advice giving’ sector, referrals from satisfied customers underpin our success. Having a negative commentary circulating within our business community can seriously hurt our business development and our reputation.

Statistics show us that 80% of an SME’s client base is within a 30 mile radius. This can really hurt you.

Also, what if the person you failed to call, ends up talking with one of your satisfied customers at an event and says

‘you see that guy over there? Awfully unreliable! He said he was going to send me…. but just never called. How rude?’

That can plant seeds of doubt in your existing customer’s mind.

That’s bad for business!

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