7 reasons for making The Follow-Up Call – Part 7

By not making the follow-up call, you will simply never know how much business that client had for you.
You won’t be able to calculate how much business you’ve lost.

Not only how much business you’ve lost from that client, but how much potential business you lost from clients whom that person might have referred you to.

In economics they call it opportunity-cost. By choosing to do one thing, you are prevented from doing something else. There is a cost attached.

Here, by choosing, and it is a decision that you make, not to follow-up, the potential financial loss should be considered.

So if we look back at the last several outcomes of not making the follow-up call; and when you put a value on what you might be losing, then I hope it’ll make you reconsider.

I hope it’ll encourage you to make that call!

Now that’s GREAT for business!

I wish you successful networking

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