Are you guilty of Hijacking?

The thing that stood out for me, whilst I was out and about at events, last week, was that I was repeatedly hijacked!

This is obviously really common and I know you’ll recognise what I mean. I think you’ll have experienced this phenomenon, too ……..often.

It occurs when a person knows something about the topic being discussed. In many instances we see a person asking a question of their prospect and when the prospect starts talking, giving examples known by the person who asked, the networker simply takes the conversation back, Hijack’s it, and continues talking themselves.

For an example…

Networker: “Have you been Rome?”
Prospect: “Oh, yes! I loved that city”
Networker: “Oh me too! When I was last there we went to……. and I ……. and I ….. and we ate…… and we visited…… and we saw ………..” etc. …You get the picture!

My advice, even when you know a lot about the subject being discussed, is to ask a question and to simply use your own knowledge and experience to phrase further interesting questions, which will enable the other person to expand more fully.

If you find yourself talking too much here, and hijacking conversations, think: “STALL” Stop Talking And Listen/Learn …all about your prospect’s interests and experiences

Be interested instead of interesting.

Be on your prospect’s agenda, not your own.

This will yield big dividends.

It’s a small thing…. try it.

Have you been hijacked recently?…

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