Are you talking or listening?

I often hear people telling me they have no problem talking to people or to groups, at events.

In fact many of them, on reflection, do realize that they sometimes talk too much. They think this is funny!

It is also these people, who, when asked: “So, who do you think is the better networker? The extrovert person, who fizz-pops around the room, entertaining others and who doesn’t stop talking, or the more reserved, quieter, more reflective person?” answer ‘it’s obvious; ‘the extrovert’.

Oops! Actually it’s the quieter person.

How can anyone ‘hear’ opportunities, if you’re the one talking?

It’s the difference between being ‘interesting’ or ‘interested’.

When you’re being ‘interesting’ you’re on your own agenda. You’re the one doing all the talking.

When you’re being ‘interested’, you are the one listening.You’re on your prospect’s agenda.

You’re asking questions and letting the other person do most of the talking. It’s here you’ll find out all the information about them, their business, their challenges and problems that you’ll need to either see opportunities for you to help, or for someone you know, to assist them.

So, if you recognize yourself as being the overly chatty one, remember this acronym.

Think “W.A.I.T.”.

Why Am I Talking….

..and simply ask a question of your prospect, at the next available opportunity, and get them talking, instead of you.

There’s plenty of opportunities when you’re out there networking…. are you listening?

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