Does Sales Coaching really matter?

Despite a slow upturn since the economic crash of 2008, many UK and European companies still face the ongoing challenge of understanding how to grow sales and expand their top-line amid economic turbulence. A recent Harvard Business School study showed that 7 of 8 companies failed to achieve profitable growth, despite more than 90% having detailed strategic plans.

An animated Tony Robbins drives home his message

It’s fair to say that in an attempt to protect their bottom-line, most large organisations have slashed their workforces, operational processes and expenditures to the bone. They may be leaner than ever before but this alone cannot deliver the annual growth international businesses crave to meet the demands of their stakeholders.

The burning question, then, is:

how do you significantly grow top line sales and increase profitability, in a way that doesn’t require extra investment in marketing?

On Thursday 9th May, at a private reception held at The Four Season Hotel in Canary Wharf, Anthony Robbins announced a groundbreaking new joint venture between his company, CloudCoaching International (CCI), and UK based company The Mentor Group, to do just that!

As a result of this partnership, The Mentor Group will deliver high impact behavioural change to sales teams across the UK and Europe. They will achieve this through a combination of peak performance sales training, coaching, strategies, tactics, measurement tools and systems that will produce greater effectiveness and deliver top line growth – the elusive Holy Grail of corporate outcomes!

The focus of the program is on Sales Transformation and Organisational Leadership that uses no nonsense tools, exclusively developed technology and the best people in the business to deliver an unprecedented sales enablement experience and to guarantee incredible results.

The evening comprised an introductory talk from Barry Trailer, MD CSO Insights, followed by an electrifying presentation from Anthony Robbins.

CSO Insights uses research metrics to reveal best practices in sales and marketing. Their research, extracted from surveys of B2B businesses of all sizes, sectors and geographies, shows where organisations should focus their efforts and Trailer’s presentation delivered empirical and incontrovertible data supporting the fact that sales results are massively improved in organisations where the sales teams are supported by consistent coaching.

In the world of Coaching Anthony Robbins has no peer.

For the past three decades Robbins has served as a business advisor to leaders around the world. A recognised authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organisational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honoured consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours.

Robbins has been honoured by Accenture as one of the ‘Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the world; by Harvard Business Press as one of the ‘Top 200 business Gurus’ and by American Express as one of the ‘Top Six Business Leaders in the World’ to coach it’s entrepreneurial clients.

With 30 years of proven experience, Robbins’ ,through his new company CloudCoaching International, creates high-performance sales cultures focused on growth. The program harnesses the power of and the platform, empowering, training and resourcing sales managers, teams and organisations in order to help them dramatically improve their productivity and performance. It provides them with the breakthrough strategies, which will help them sell better in an increasingly unstable and competitive economic and business environment.

This JV with The Mentor Group, a highly credible people and performance consultancy who already works with over 70 active clients globally, including 7 of the FTSE100 top companies, opens up a whole new opportunity for CCI.

So is this program what mid to large sized UK and European business have been waiting for?

Should corporations across the EMEA region beat a trail to The Mentor Group’s door and sign up now?

As you would expect, the launch event was very impressive and suitably slick, attended by the high and mighty from big business. However, in typically cynical British fashion (for which we are dubiously famous), where most of us are cautious of American hype and suspicious of statistics that can often be molded to support any argument, I needed to sample more than the chilled champagne and exquisite canapés, so gracefully served to the select group in attendance, to be able to truly experience and evaluate whether or not I’m convinced about the heady outcomes this new joint venture promises to the corporate world.

Tony Robbins holds an audience of 5000 in the palm of his hand at his renowned Unleash the Power Within program #UPW London 2013

To this end, Robbins generously invited me to spend the following 3½  days with him and 5000 other of his eager delegates, from 17 countries, on his globally renowned personal transformation program ‘Unleashed the Power Within’ (UPW), which started at 13h00 the following day at ExCel London.

Little prepares you for what you experience on that program, but let me share with you what I now know:

I know, when you strip away the gloss and hype, that Tony Robbins is the real deal.

I know Robbins has insatiably consumed everything of value written on the subject of personal performance effectiveness and that he has developed coaching and training programs which deliver beyond all others.

I know, to move from ordinary to extraordinary, that each of us needs a peer group who will challenge not cosset us.

I know that whoever you are, from either end of the social or success spectrum, and from everywhere in between, that you can achieve unlimited outcomes with the consistent support of a committed coach who will push you relentlessly and drive you towards peak performance.

If you agree: “Say I

Anthony Robbins at the CloudCoaching International and Mentor Group launch event

In honesty, from what I’ve heard and what I’ve experienced, I can say ‘I’m Sold!’ For organisations wanting to find a credible coaching partner to help take their top line figures to the next level they need look no further. During this unprecedented time in history, only a wise few will truly strategically innovate their sales processes and sales team management techniques in order to take advantage of the changing economy.

The question is… will you be one of them?


About CCI

CloudCoaching International helps sales organizations break through limiting beliefs and challenges, while maximizing their CRM investment—unlocking an even greater level of potential and implementing proven tools to maximize their bottom line. We help create high-performance sales cultures focused on growth. Our award winning solutions include software; consulting, training, coaching and tools that help our clients accelerate their pipeline to purchase cycle, increase their account acquisition strategy, and retain and grow existing customer relationship. CCI’s companies have a local presence in 20+ countries covering 10+ languages and have over three decades of proven experience.


About The Mentor Group

The Mentor Group are a UK people and performance consultancy and focus on Sales Transformation and Organisational Leadership that uses no nonsense tools, outstanding technology and the best people in the business, to guarantee incredible results. Mentor work with over 70 active clients globally, including 7 of the FTSE100 top companies and  clients such as: BP, British Standards Institution, Cisco, Computacenter, Dell, IGT, Microsoft & Skype.

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