Missing in action! Where has all the ENTHUSIASM gone?

On the economic front, things have been looking a little bleak over the last few months. But on looking around, when I’ve been out networking, one of the important things that I have found to be missing out there, everywhere, is simply ENTHUSIASM.

It seems to me that people feel that it’s not cool to be enthusiastic. There seem so many people out there trying to be very laid back and hiding any emotion about their businesses, their projects, their careers or about anything they’re involved in.

All of the most successful people I know are enthusiastic.

Many of the people who know me, comment on my enthusiasm.

On our training course, when we look at the seven traits of good networkers, we highlight the fact that ‘being enthusiastic is good for business’.

So I peeked at my Thesaurus to find some of the synonyms for enthusiasm and I thought I’d share them with you: Keenness, eagerness, passion, fervour, zeal, zest, gusto, energy, inspiration, excitement, vigour, fire, spirit, motivation, commitment, willingness, earnestness.

Let me assure you, these are all powerful and valuable attitudes to bring to your networking
to your business and to your life.

But it does seems in short supply these days, doesn’t it?

Frank Bettger, a successful salesman and self-help author who lived until 1981 (so none of this is new!), discovered that if he acted enthusiastically, he started to feel enthusiastic.

It’s the “fake it until you make it.” school of thought.

Try it! It works.

When you exhibit enthusiasm, it’s contagious.

Everyone catches it!

Like many other of the traits of good networkers, enthusiasm sets you apart from the crowd.

  • People will see you as an achiever; and we all like to associate with achiever’s, don’t we?
  • People will see you as confident; and we could all do with more confident people around us, couldn’t we?
  • People will also see you as a winner; and we should all associate with winners shouldn’t we?

So that leaves me with a question for you.

Are you feeling enthusiastic about going networking right now?

If not, and if you feel your team would benefit from being more enthusiastic about their business development activities, then call me to see how I can help make you:

  • more enthusiastic
  • more effective
  • and more confident

I’ll guarantee, if you implement my training it will:

  • help YOU stand out from the crowd
  • help you bring in more business
  • help you prosper

Can’t do better than that, can I ?

I wish you happy networking.

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