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How to Professionally Host Events

Revealing the Interpersonal Skills of Impeccable Hosts to Guarantee Return on Investment from Events

Invitations to enjoy hospitality at events of all kinds, taking place every day, around the globe, are eagerly awaited and gratefully received. They form part of accepted sales and marketing practice.

Client entertainment is a costly exercise!

From drinks or intimate lunches/dinners, to structured days in corporate boxes at spectator events, banquets and formal dinners, conferences and seminars, tens of thousands can be spent on Hosting events, over the financial year, but what return are you getting?

Like any other area of expenditure, the ability to influence the outcomes from client entertainment events, and then to track and measure the return on investment (ROI), is vital.

Done well, significant financial returns can be derived from events.

But aren’t you often disappointed by how your executive team, the Hosts, performed?


  • are commonly seen clustered together talking amongst themselves
  • are normally unsure of what their ‘actual’ role is, as a Host
  • are unaware of the listening skills required
  • do not know what to say
  • do not know what questions to ask
  • do not know how to secure referrals
  • do not know how to be great ambassadors for your brand
  • do not know understand the importance of following up after the event
  • do not know how to uncover opportunities to do new or more business with guests
  • fail to create cross selling/up-selling opportunities
  • fail to strategically introduce guests to one another

But how could they know what to say or do without training in How to Host an event?

Events will only create value, produce income generating opportunities and deliver ROI if your Hosts DO something differently

The Outcome

This in-house training program will:

  • give your executive team the skills to Host Events confidently and effectively
  • ensure all your client entertainment events, whether intimate or large, deliver an increase in ROI and support your marketing and business development imperatives.

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