Course Content for the Master Class on How to Professionally Host Events

Course Content for the Master Class on How to Professionally Host Events

The following Master Class is presented as a 3½ hour session

Preparation and Planning

  • Defining the role of a Host
  • Reviewing the 10 personal skills and personality traits of impeccable Hosts
  • Revealing the cost and gaining commitment
  • Setting the goal – What do you want from the event?
  • Hosts’ schedules – arrival and departure times; blocking time before and after the event; briefings
  • Know your guest list – why are they on it?
  • The Lookout – defining the role and why you need one

The Event Itself

  • A Great Start – The Meet & Greet
  • Self Promotion – You / Your Colleagues / Your Organisation
  • Groups – moving in and moving on
  • Effective Questioning Techniques
  • The 4 Questioning Zones; Including Breaking the Ice, Small Talk 101, Business Questions, Current Supplier Questions
  • The $64,000 Question
  • The Weekend Question
  • Networking the guests
  • Finding potential referral partners
  • Spotting an opportunity and what to do next (including what to avoid)
  • Protocol for the business card exchange
  • The importance of the parting-shot

Post Event

One of the most important aspects of the whole event, but often the most neglected, we highlight and stress the follow-up actions to take. This guarantees you will gain the maximum return from your event

  • The wash-up meeting – sharing intelligence
  • Why it’s all in the follow-up: personal reputation / brand / business development
  • Track and measure ROI

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