Learning Outcomes for the How to Professionally Host Events Master Class

Learning Outcomes for the How to Professionally Host Events Master Class

The communication skills and tips on how to host events revealed in this management development training will ensure that delegates:

  • understand the role and responsibilities of a Host
  • be familiar with the basics and principles of how to professionally Host an event
  • recognise the importance of knowing the event goal
  • be aware of the key elements of planning and preparation when hosting  any/all business events
  • understand the importance of a guest list review
  • understand why it is better to listen than to talk
  • know how to make a powerful first impression
  • have a framework to develop a compelling elevator pitch
  • understand how to effectively frame questions in order to gain clear, full, answers which reveal where the opportunities to do new or more business exist
  • understand the 4 questioning zones
  • learn hosting etiquette
  • know How to Work a Room with increased self confidence, ensuring they can meet new people, facilitate introductions  and move in and out of conversational groups, with ease
  • have an increased awareness of how they influence their personal reputation and your corporate brand
  • be conversant with the etiquette of the business card exchange
  • know what to do (and what not to do) when they spot an opportunity
  • earn the right to follow-up with potential business contacts after events
  • understand the value of the wash up meeting
  • understand how to recognise potential referral partners
  • understand the importance of the parting moment
  • know how they can individually impact ROI


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