Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend the Master Class on How to Professionally Host Events

At some stage in every executives career, they will be called upon to wine, dine or entertain (aka to Host) clients or prospective clients.

Join this workshop if you are in a client facing role (irrespective of seniority) with a responsibility for:

  • business development / sales
  • customer acquisition or customer retention events (or *related activities) with clients or prospects
  • promotion of your corporate brand and the business activities of your organisation
  • representing your firm at any type of business or corporate hospitality event
  • or you feel you will benefit from having powerful techniques and tactical skills  at your disposal to ensure you get the best out of all client entertainment interactions and situations

It is likely that middle and senior managers will benefit most, from a commercial perspective, given the type of relationships they will be developing on behalf of their organisations.

New entrants to the workplace, or those identified for fast-track development, will also derive significant benefits (and will deliver improved value to your organisation), by understanding the long term importance of how to professionally Host guests, their impact as ambassadors of your brand when they act in the role of a Host and by recognising the advantages to be gained from have the tactical skills to develop and strengthen relationships with existing clients (in the area of customer retention and revenue generation) and prospective clients (in the area of customer acquisition) from early-on in their careers.

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  *‘Related activities’ refers to:

  • entertaining clients or prospects over drinks, at intimate lunches/dinners
  • attending golf days
  • attending all variants of hospitality events (sporting, cultural, spectator, participation events)
  • attending conferences, conventions, seminars, meetings where you may ‘host’ small conversational groups