Know how to use LinkedIn?

We are witness to the greatest social change in a lifetime.

I recently heard it called an industrial evolution!

The largest brands on the planet, led most visibly by Nike, are moving away from the old advertising model towards an engagement model. People’s blind faith in brands has evaporated and the consumers voice finally has it’s medium. Socialmedia!

Businesses of all size have gone social.

New businesses can be born and showcased to the world, online, in minutes. Online, perception means everything. I’ve commented before that as fast as we move forward technologically, I believe the social media has stimulated the rebirth of  the old fashioned values of respect, dignity and ethics. No longer can the unscrupulous trade on, invisibly. Today, your name, your face and your brand are in the public domain. They can connect to you easier than ever before, and are free to comment on their experience of your product and/or service… and the world is listening.

Almost everyone I speak to from professional service practices to IT company’s tell me the same thing… that the majority of their new business comes from referrals. The majority of business comes from those who know, like and trust us and who are happy to refer us to their peers.  Because everyone is so pressed for time, peer review and peer introductions hold increased value and are more believable that glossy advertising, designed simply to persuade, not to help.

Peer review is the new champion!

Integrity is back.


That’s why, for business, in my opinion, I believe LinkedIn represents, the most significant tool for business networking we have ever seen. And that’s why, whatever industry sector you are from, and how ever large or small your enterprise is, you you really do need to know how to use LinkedIn

Get Profiled

Here you can stand tall, raise your personal visibility and profile your products and services to millions of fellow business professionals.  As of January 2011, LinkedIn has 90 million members who can see you and see what you do.

Get seen

LinkedIn has loads of ways for you to get your brand seen and to get your voice heard. You can share your experiences, showcase your expertise, give and receive advice, learn from others, build new connections and make new friends

Get Business

This is networking! If you do it with politeness, professionalism and courtesy, the many people you already know offline will want to connect with you, online; and the new people you connect to online, will be able to get to know, like and trust you which will open the way for them to do business with you offline

That’s why you need to invest in some time in getting to grips with it!

I’m increasingly curious as to why so many people who have long had profiles still don’t know how to use LinkedIn for their business and personal benefit

Its so much more than an online directory or a recruiter’s tool

…and so that’s why I’ve created 100% LinkedIn.

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