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In my opinion, our future is dependent on what we do as a result of our knowledge, expertise and experience

Things have changed dramatically in the world of work!

Twenty or thirty years ago, when you took a ‘job’, you generally considered it to be a long term commitment. Today, however, a ‘job for life’ , whether you work for a small family-owned business or a multi-national company, is improbable.

Long-term job-security, today, is rare. Despite the commonly heard statement ‘our staff our most important asset’ we see that almost everyone becomes expendable when things get tough.
In today’s competitive markets, the power of the numbers, reflected in the P&L, supersedes job-security.

The employment model itself is changing from an ‘employed‘ model to a ‘supplier‘ model. Large brands are shedding significant numbers from their permanent staff and contracting expertise and services ‘on-demand‘. By and large, many have become a sort of supplier of services rather than ordinary employees.

But what has this got to do with social media in general and LinkedIn in particular?

By creating your own personal profile, online, you are creating a brand in your own right. What you upload to You Tube, what you write in your LinkedIn or your Facebook profile, showcases the sort of person you are, both to prospects and also to people you’ve never met.

It ‘s a double edged sword, as you never know what might pop up when people Google your name.
This, of course, can be good, bad and even ugly when those raucous and potentially inappropriate pictures of that crazy Hen Night or Stag Night are posted online!

Part of ‘Brand You’, in the future, will be measured by the size of your network, reflected by your ‘friends’ on Facebook and/or your professional connections on LinkedIn.

When you combine the right words and pictures it gives you an opportunity to raise your profile, to inform the world as to who you are and to start to engage in the discussions and conversations that help you build new, long term relationships.

This is not a quick process!

It’s more akin to fly fishing than harpooning!

It can be slow and measured, early on, but when you share valuable advice and information, and begin to connect with other like-minded people, you simply never know where these new relationships can lead.

It is no longer necessary to leave our ‘future’ in the hands of others – social media allows us all to develop and showcase ‘Brand You

Profiles should emphasise more about the person you are rather than exclusively focussing on what you do. Whoever you are, especially if you are in an advice giving (not transactional) role, it pays to remember that people buy people, first, before they buy products or services.

Just as you Google people you don’t know, before you are due to meet them, so others are doing the same to you.

What do they find?

What do they read?

Are you happy that what gets thrown up by the search engines is a good, professional reflection of who you are and what you do?

In today’s social media savvy world, ensuring these messages are positive and compelling can determine the success of your business or your advancement through the ranks in your career.

The social media and business networking, online, is not all about the technology or the software, it’s about the people.

It’s about you.

Yes, regarding LinkedIn, you need to know how to use its ‘advanced search’ capabilities for business development.

Yes, you do need to be conversant with how to use it for business and competitor intelligence. Indeed it will serve you well, for the growth of your businesses and in the management of your professional reputation, online, to be comfortable with all the various elements that LinkedIn, and indeed the several other platforms, have to offer.

But most importantly you need to be considering ‘Why’ you need to be proactive online and How it can help both you and the growth of your business/career.

Charles Darwin said “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change

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If ever the words of Charles Darwin held relevance, more than ever, that time is now.

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