Managed LinkedIn

Get the ultimate competitive edge: Managed LinkedIn Services

As one of the trainers responsible for putting a total of 60,000 people in the UK and Europe through advanced LinkedIn training, I am all too familiar with the issues people face when they get back to the reality of their office.  One of the biggest issues is “getting it done”.  You may understand what you need to do in theory, but actually implementing it may be a barrier you can’t remove.
What I learned over these last months, is that whilst I’m clearly able to excite people to the business development opportunity that LinkedIn represents, in most cases, people will only remain passive users.

Concerned about how much time it can take to become effective on social media platforms, people are nervous to invest extra time, their most precious resource, to improve their results. Most simply carry on doing what they’ve always done and hope that doing the same will continue to be productive for them.

Almost all, however, want new prospects to speak to and, one-on-one, they are confident they can covert new leads into new clients.

  That’s why I’ve partnered with a global business development firm with an incredible track record, to offer LinkedIn managed services to help take the pressure off you.  These services will not only get you up and running, but which can also get you incredible results which will have you wonder why you didn’t do this earlier …

LinkedIn Profile – Silver package

Whether you’re currently on LinkedIn or not, we’ll help you to put together a profile which does you proud and gets you the results you need.  You’ll be sent a detailed questionnaire about yourself.  Once we receive your answers, a professional writer will craft a unique profile for you, taking the essence of the information you’ve provided, and making it bespoke, impressive and genuine authentic.  We’ll also give you advice on what else you can do to improve the impact of your profile yourself.

Package price: £249.  Turnaround: two working weeks from receipt of your answers.  To order, see below.

LinkedIn Profile – Gold package

As above, but for faster and more comprehensive service, we’ll conduct a 30 minute telephone call with you to interview you personally over the phone at an agreed time.  Based on that interview, a professional writer will create your profile for you.

Package price: £379.  Turnaround: one working week from the phone call.  To order, see below

LinkedIn Profile – Platinum package

As above, but we’ll also film you (either via web cam or on one of our “shooting days” – see below).  This is the only LinkedIn service in the world which includes launching your own mini-TV channel online.  Your short interview will be edited into two short interview video clips, complete with professional production by a business tv company.  Your videos will be loaded into a leading edge player which enables you to put them on almost any website or blog, and also email them to anyone you like, with full tracking of who watches what, when.  This 1:1 marketing tool is available to you for 12 months, and you can renew it at 12 months.

Package price: £699.  Turnaround: timing will be confirmed at time of order, as the video production element depends on production schedules.  Player license for year two onwards: £99.  To order, see below

LinkedIn Contacts Setup

We’ll work with you to extract your existing contacts from your database or email programme, and then we’ll load up to 3,000 people into LinkedIn, script a bespoke message to encourage them to connect with you, and manage the process of sending out and tracking all invitations.  This will help you to build your network as fast as possible from your existing contacts, and you can sit back and watch the numbers grow. 

Price: £379. Turnaround: to be discussed at time of order – but usually approximately two weeks.  You must have taken out one of the LinkedIn Profile packages as well.  To order, see below

LinkedIn Connection Injection

Our objective will be to help you obtain another 350 targeted contacts – people you are not currently connected with.  We’ll help you set the strategy and goals, write all the communications for you and manage the connection programme for up to six weeks.

Price: £849. Turnaround: to be discussed at time of order – but usually approximately four weeks.  You must have taken out one of the LinkedIn Profile packages as well.  To order, see below

LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign

This is where we work with you to completely understand who it is you need to be connected to and why.  We’ll then develop a strategy and implement a programme for you to generate you qualified prospects via LinkedIn, based on the target lead profile we’ve agreed.  Pricing is based on the number of prospects you seek, but we guarantee a 5% lead response rate over the life of the campaign.  This is an exceptional new way for you to generate leads for your business, and it will give you a competitive edge not available via other marketing campaigns.  Everything will be fully measured and tracked so that you can see exactly what has happened over the life of the campaign.  We offer an ROI guarantee which you won’t get elsewhere.

Price: on application. Turnaround: to be discussed at time of order – but usually approximately ten weeks.  You must have taken out one of the LinkedIn Profile packages.  To order, see below

Online Group Setup and/or Management

There is huge business benefit in being the person who sets up and manages a community online – whether on LinkedIn or elsewhere.  Let us do this for you, so that you can be completely “hands off” initially, and only focus your own time on occasionally contributing your expertise into the group (which we can’t do for you).  You’ll see great connections, rewards and visibility come from this.  This package offers exceptional ROI when compared to other forms of marketing – particularly given that we are guaranteeing results.

Price: on application.  Turnaround: This is usually ongoing, or for a fixed term contract.  You must have taken out one of the LinkedIn Profile packages.  To order, see below

Other services

We also offer the following on a “price on application” basis:
•    Professional headshot photography for your profile picture. Offered for individuals or groups
•    Additional shooting days (or half days) for video interviews
•    Additional online tv show editing
•    Development of a LinkedIn strategy for your business
Please note that we do offer volume and group discounts – for orders which are likely to be 10 people or more at once.

Terms and conditions of the services outlined above
•    Before confirming your order, you will be provided with a full summary of the service you have chosen, including detailed terms and conditions, service levels, and ROI guarantees (if any).
•    If we are writing anything for you, you’ll be offered the opportunity to suggest one set of amendments before we go final with what we’ve written.
•    You are responsible for uploading and maintaining your own profile (if we write it for you).
•    There will be a clearly communicated procedure and schedule for all video shoots and production.  This will include a chance to ask for amendments to the suggested edits before they go final.
•    All payments must be made in advance of services being provided.
•    The partner we work with has their shopping cart set up for global sales – in US Dollars.  You can therefore either pay by bank transfer (to an account in the UK) in GBP, or pay via credit card in USD – we’ll apply a mid market exchange rate quoted on
•    We reserve the right to withdraw services at any time prior to payment by you.