With a background in the hospitality industry and many years as a trainer, I love to stand up and entertain an audience.

Fortunately, I am also very knowledgeable on a subject that’s relevant to everyone – how to be more successful by connecting with other people.

I regularly deliver after dinner or keynote speeches to all manner and sizes of audience. My speciality is offering high value networking tips, delivered with wit and wisdom gained from years’ of experience. This is something I’m passionate about and my goal is not only to engage the audience, but motivate and inspire them as well.  See more on Keynote Topics, below.

As well as training, I am a very experienced motivational speaker and conference facilitator. Over the years I have facilitated a wide cross-section of events, everything from conferences of 500+ to intimate team meetings. It’s fair to say I love everything about the role of Master of Ceremonies and Conference Facilitator. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from pulling an event together and ensuring it delivers.

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Keynote topics …

Business Networking Skills: Confident and Effective Networking

This keynote comprises various elements taken from the full training day. In an engaging and entertaining way I talk about the small changes you need to make in your actions to become a great networker.

I show how everyone can improve their self-confidence when attending events and can be effective at building profitable relationships and at finding opportunities to do new business


Online Networking Skills: LinkedIn

Online networking is no longer an option that can be ignored. With over 1 billion people connected online, social media represents an abundant marketplace. I clearly paint the current picture of what’s happening and review the power, value and potential offered by the LinkedIn platform. Amongst its many other uses, I also clearly show how to use it as a business development tool to bring in more money from your preferred client sector


Working The Room: Showcase

In any room, from 30 to 3,000 people you will only ever see people clustered in a maximum of 6 group formats. In this highly interactive and fun presentation I mingle amongst the guests, as they are standing, show them how to recognise these groups, show them how the groups work, and how to join and leave them, with ease.

I change the way people see large groups of people, for life, and take away the fear people experience when asking that most common question, faced by almost everyone who arrives at  an event,… “Where do I start?”

It’s great fun and very entertaining but everyone learns something they can put to immediate use.


In all cases, above, components will be selected and agreed with you, the event organiser, in advance, so that the message delivered will meet your specific objectives and the time available