Recommendations offer excellent potential for those who know how to use LinkedIn

With the rise of social media, the consumer finally has a voice.

A recent study released from Lancaster University clearly presents the fact that the value of the old, traditional, ‘push’ messages of marketing are rapidly losing their impact and that peer review and engagement with our customers is where real value and mutual benefit lies.

Effectively, for us all, what we say about ourselves is increasingly irrelevant, it’s what others say about us that potential customers are interested in.

Hence the value of Recommendations on LinkedIn.

Recommendations show that others value your work.
They build your credibility.
They build your reputation.
They strengthen your existing relationships.
They encourage others to have their say.
They are trusted.
With one click, recommendations can be traced back to their originator so others can gauge the gravitas with which to credit the comment.
Who is the person who commented?
What is their role?
Can I believe in their judgement?
….on LinkedIn, these questions can all be answered.

By being able to answer these questions, visitors to your profile, from within your network, can decide ‘is this the right service provider for me’ or ‘can I be assured of value for my money?’.

They act as a differentiator.

LinkedIn has now gone a step further and added Recommendations to the Company Profiles section, too.


Now consumers can also offer Recommendations on a company’s physical products and services, not only on the individuals who work there.


LinkedIn tells us that profiles with Recommendations are 3 x more likely to receive relevant enquiries from searches, than those profiles without.

For me the only problem is that Recommendations are only visible to those within your network . So whilst those outside of your network can see how many you have, they can’t read the content of them. Hence I advise my audiences and delegates to cut and paste them into other media such as websites, email signatures, your LinkedIn profile summary or even create a Slide Share and show them publicly on your profile.

Today, by accepting the following Recommendation from Steve Gilroy the CEO of Vistage UK & Ireland I am both delighted and humbled to have received 100 Recommendations for my work on delivering Business Networking Tips and training and on How to use LinkedIn

“As someone who has used LinkedIn for several years, and enthused about its use in marketing and business development, I thought I knew my way around the system and how to use it. Mark showed me that there were lots of new ways to use LinkeIn, lots of untapped potential and some new things to just go try. The thing I like about Mark’s approach is that he sets out the options and the potential, and then lets you decide which way to go. I’ve learned new ways to use my profile, how to make our entire LinkedIn strategy more efficient and SEO friendly, and how to use the applications within LinkedIn to reach a wider audience. Excellent stuff, well presented with passion.” February 1, 2011

This is, for me, the greatest reward for my efforts as a business networking skills trainer.

It shows that irrespective of age or gender; irrespective of experience or seniority; irrespective of wealth or influence,that I have been able to help many people from various backgrounds.

Everyone has been able to take away something of value from my presentations, whether personally, for the betterment of themselves, their careers or their businesses.

I am grateful to all those who have taken their valuable time to craft and submit their generous comments.

You have inspired me to continue to give my very best.

Today I am 100

Thank you!

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