‘Rushing-in’ or ‘building rapport’?

It takes time to build rapport.

It is widely believed to be one of the most important features or characteristics of unconscious human interaction.

Significant foundations for this are achieved in the ‘small talk’, which we’ve covered in another posts.

You’ll notice that many people simply don’t take sufficient time to build rapport. They just rush into telling you about all their services

Without building rapport people won’t feel comfortable enough to chat freely and openly about themselves or their businesses.

Without building rapport, problems and forthcoming changes will simply not be uncovered from your prospects. Without the ability to unlock these two elements, opportunities to do business with them will remain hidden.

Failing to build rapport shows your prospect that you are not genuinely interested in them. I call it behaving like a verbal brochure! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of it, too.

Failing to build rapport alerts your prospect that you are only interested doing business and in getting to that point by the shortest route.

Instant Rapport by Michael Brooks recognizes that building rapport is essential not only in our relationships but in life itself, and his book will help show you how to develop this life skill.

I’ve read it and I recommend it.

It pays to remember that networking should be likened more to fly-fishing than to harpooning! More to farming than to hunting.

I’m finding people out-there are in a hurry. More often than not behaving like they’re at a speed-networking sessions. Telling you about their business quickly; then just as quickly looking for ‘exit’ to move-on

If you invest the time, over those first few minutes, when you meet your prospect for the first time, to build rapport, your results will show a dramatic improvement and your time investment should being to yeild better results.

So beware! If you’re simply rushing-in, the fish will swim away and you’ll have wasted another three hours of your valuable, personal time

That’s not what you want, is it?

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