Top 10 Techniques of The Impeccable Host

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Top 10 Techniques of The Impeccable Hostimpeccable host ad

Presenting interpersonal tactics and conversational strategies to make client entertainment more outcomes based and less stressful

This keynote comprises various elements taken from the extensive Chapter list from his book The Impeccable Host 

In an engaging and entertaining way which resonates with audiences Mark delivers high value practical Tips for Event Hosts and exposes the small changes people can make in the way they entertain their  clients or prospects which will ensure they have a raft of essential interpersonal strategies techniques at their disposal.

He reveals how everyone can lift their self-confidence and lessen their stress, when hosting client events, and how they can be effective at developing trust, building profitable relationships and at finding the opportunities that bring-in more money

In this short 8 minute video, Mark explains the importance of Hosting skills –


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