Business Networking Skills

Grow your Referral Based Income and Bring In More Money with Business Networking Skills Training

In the twenty first century, being good at what you do is no longer enough to ensure promotion, grow your business or win new clients!

Done well, business networking is an incredibly powerful tool for business development; however as a strategy for customer acquisition, revenue generation or customer retention, it is often misunderstood, misused or ignored altogether

As part of management development training, organisations have now woken up to the importance of communication skills, more especially the ability to build enduring relationships with managers, peers and particularly with existing clients and new business prospects.

Why These Skills Are Important To You

Many of today’s executives are growing up with social media and e-communications tools as the standards for business networking and building business relationships. Whilst highly efficient for certain purposes, this technology is nonetheless diluting the interpersonal skills employees must have to engage clients, prospects, stakeholders and the public at large effectively.

High quality client contact is expensive and could be a waste of valuable resources in time and money if the event is poorly planned and executed. Add to this the inexperienced, reticent networker, uncomfortable with face time, grappling to make conversation, stumbling from one awkward moment to another, or maybe remaining safely in the background talking with colleagues. You watch helplessly as the opportunity costs of the event run through your fingers.

Of course not everyone is born to be socially adept, but these skills, the skills that make you a confident and effective networker can be learned – and in a very fun and engaging way

Benefits of Training to You and Your Organisation

Changing the way you think about business development and in particular the relationships you make with other people will result in better opportunities and more income.

Gain self confidence and develop a range of processes and interpersonal skills to help you interact with strangers, and make new connections, with ease.

Alongside building the relationships that will help you grow your referral-based income  this training and development program is about making you and your firm/organisation attractive to people in a way they hadn’t realised before.

This proven and well structured training course will help you create the habits to increase your results, work hand-in-hand with your mainstream marketing and equip you with the techniques to find and create more business opportunities, with less stress, than the average networker.

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Business networking skills are a vital ingredient for any business person who wants to be successful.