Course Content for Business Networking Skills Training

Course Content for Business Networking Skills Training

The following content can be presented as a full, one-day, business networking skills mastery course or may be split over two half-day sessions (advised)

When split, it is advisable to schedule delegate attendance at a networking event, during the break, to help embed learning and assist in the evolution of the learning into skills. The beginning of Part 2 will then include delegate feedback from the ‘live’ experience and facilitate exploration of any areas of challenge or improvement identified, by delegates, for immediate attention


Part 1 – 3 ½ hours: How to Become a Confident Effective Networker

• Defining what networking is (…and what isn’t it?) • Strategies for getting people to like you • Creating a powerful first impression • Reviewing the 10 personal skills and personality traits of impeccable networkers • Revealing the 8 Steps to Networking Mastery • The principles impeccable networking; helping others; helping ourselves; identifying referral partners • Preparation and planning – Covering invitation handling, the event and related logistics plus mental, physical and personal preparation • How to approach strangers (including ice-breaking openers) • Small Talk …and ensuring you never again run out of things to say • Why you need an elevator pitch and how to create a compelling proposition • Effective questioning techniques, and understanding the 4 questioning zones • Spotting an opportunity and what to do next (including what to avoid) • Protocol for the business card exchange

Special Feature – Includes the renowned Working the Room master class

During this entertaining and interactive 1 hour master class, delegates will learn how to: • recognise the dynamics of the ‘networking landscape’ when entering a room and how to be in command and control of this environment • understand the various group formats • better understand apparent rudeness and how to deal with it • join and leave groups easily • move-on (from even the ‘sticky’ guest) with respect and courtesy • recognise the many, often unseen, options and choices available to you, which can reduce your stress • act as the Host of a conversational group and welcome other people into it • protect senior executives from being monopolised

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Part 2 – 2 ½ hours: How to Professionally Follow-up on New Business Contacts

• Understanding the importance of follow-up to your personal brand and your corporate reputation • Considering the consequences of not following up • Recognising and avoiding displacement activities • Destroying your fears of the follow-up call • Planning and preparing for the call • Preparing for the 4 things that can happen when you make the call • Being ready for the 6 responses when you ask for a meeting • Developing confident and effective scripts for the voicemail or the gatekeeper

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