Learning Outcomes for Business Networking Skills Training

Learning Outcomes for Business Networking Skills Training

The communication skills and networking tips revealed in this management development training will ensure that delegates:

  • understand the role and importance of Networking to visibility, reputation and business growth
  • be familiar with the basics and principles of impeccable  networking
  • be aware of the key elements of planning and preparation for any/all business networking events
  • understand why it is better to listen than to talk
  • know how to make a powerful first impression
  • have a framework to develop a compelling elevator pitch
  • understand how to effectively frame questions in order to gain clear, full, answers which reveal where the opportunities to do new or more business exist
  • learn business networking etiquette
  • know How to Work a Room with increased self confidence, ensuring you leave with those all important business contacts and industry intelligence
  • have an increased awareness of how to influence your personal presence and business brand in your marketplace
  • earn the right to and know how to follow-up with potential business contacts after business networking events and to feel more comfortable making the all-important, but often nerve-racking, follow-up call

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