Speed Networking

Conference Energiser / Ice Breaker / Experiential Learning / Team Building

Facilitated Speed Networking

An exciting, high-impact networking and training session that gets people talking, laughing and energised.

Mark’s Speed Networking session is the fastest and most efficient way to break the ice between strangers at your events. It is ideal for the opening session of any residential conference where delegates will be unfamiliar with one another and where breaking down inhibitions, quickly, to enable delegates to get the best out of the program, is essential.

Because of the interactive and fun nature of Speed Networking sessions, event delegates always experience rapid ‘bonding’ as a result of this ‘shared’ experiential activity and training session. Mark find’s it serves as conversation-opener between strangers for the duration of your event.

Speed Networking always produces exceptional results for both event organisers and participants.

  • It is a fun way for breaking down the silo mentality we often encounter in large organisations and to get divided teams talking.
  • It is an effective tool for developing peer to peer relationships
  • It is excellent for team building

For the event organiser, it has the power to create positive memories of a great event, and also helps to embed lasting recall of your brand.

When you want a function room that is buzzing with vitality and animated conversation …Speed Networking never fails to deliver.

From Mark’s experience as a Speed Networking Facilitator, he guarantees it!

Outcomes Organisers can Rely On:

  • Breaks The Ice
  • Creates Opportunities
  • Gets Conversations Going
  • Dissolves Age, Gender or Seniority Barriers
  • Facilitates the Building of Relationships
  • Produces a Fun and Relaxed Environment
  • Guarantees Positive Memories of Events
  • Great for Team Building
  • Ensures Lasting and Positive Memory Recall of Brands

Speed Networking also works well as an energizer session to reinvigorate presentation-weary delegates for all types of conventions, conferences, seminars and meetings.

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