How to Host Events and Generate Great ROI

How to Host Events and Generate Great ROI

Professionally hosted events and corporate hospitality can be an effective way of building relationships. But how many times have you been at events where the hosts are clustered in a corner and the guests are either standing alone or talking amongst themselves? Everyone has an ok time, but in terms of delivering return on investment it’s missed the mark. The hosting wasn’t up to scratch.

How to Host Events and Generate Great ROI ensures everyone on your team knows how to drive maximum ROI from your corporate hospitality and events investment.

In this workshop, I’ll guide you and your team through all the ingredients of successful hosting, including planning and follow up. We’ll cover strategy as well as techniques to ensure you to meet your business goals, at the same time as your guests are saying “what a great event. I’m really enjoying myself”.

In How to Professionally Host Events, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan and prepare meticulously
  • Greet and welcome the guests and to make them feel comfortable
  • Make relevant introductions to other senior managers within the host company and also to other influential guests
  • Engage with guests to unlock additional business potential
  • Gain valuable referrals
  • Prevent your senior executive being monopolised by high maintenance guests
  • Manage the post-event analysis
  • Follow-up to gain a return on your investment

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