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LinkedIn Training

linkedin training

Linkedin Training for North Lincolnshire Council

LinkedIn has evolved into the world’s largest business to business social networking platform however, most members are unsure of how to effectively use linkedIn for business growth.

Many are unaware of how to make full use of the opportunity to present themselves and their organisation professionally, network amongst peers, showcase their expertise or how to use linkedIn to search for their perfect client. This is why effective LinkedIn training is important.

My Signature LinkedIn Training Assists You In Changing All That

What’s in it for you?

Many members simply haven’t had the time to get to grips with the full functionality of LinkedIn and feel they may be missing out from a visibility, networking, customer acquisition or business growth perspective.

If this resonates with you, it’s ok, you’re in good company!

 The questions to consider are:

  1.   ‘Do you feel you are taking full advantage of the opportunities LinkedIn presents?
  2. Would you like to know how to get the best from LinkedIn?

Through my Signature LinkedIn Training Services I will work closely with you to assess your current position, understanding and agenda.

Jointly, we will agree on a tailored program for your LinkedIn training  to meet your specific objectives, to ensure the outcome is that you understand the full functionality of LinkedIn and know how to get the best from it.  Fees will be quoted against your individual requirements.

Signature LinkedIn Training Services Are Offered In The Following Formats:

  •  in-house LinkedIn training programs to groups of up to 25 delegates (see services content below)
  • one-to-one LinkedIn training for those who prefer a more personal service and who wish to benefit from the flexibility of LinkedIn training that is conveniently timed to meet their own exacting schedule
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile and Showcase Page composition service – To Have Proposal Document Sent To You – Click Here
  • keynote talks for conferences, congresses and corporate events (for talk content click here)

From Madrid to Munich or from London to Lands End,  Signature LinkedIn Training Services can be delivered in any time zone, face to face, on the telephone or via video conferencing.

Who Should Use My Signature LinkedIn Training Services

Organizations or individuals who are already on LinkedIn and now wish to advance their understanding, use and benefits of the world’s largest business to business social networking platform.

 Services Content

Whilst various personalized options are available, this 3 hour LinkedIn Training Mastery program will ensure you understand the full functionality of Linkedin and covers (but is not restricted to) the following content:

  •  why we network and what ‘social networking’ is
  • the parallel between online and offline networking
  • the skills and traits of good networkers – offline and online
  • deep v’s wide networks
  • Why LinkedIn ?
  • The key functionality of LinkedIn
  • Linking in with others
  • How to build a complete personal profile and why this is important
  • How to build a complete company page and why this is important
  • How to be in control with ‘settings’
  • Really understanding the connection levels (1, 2 & 3)
  • The value of recommendations
  • The value of status updates
  • Advanced search functions
  • Groups and their benefits


 “As someone who has used LinkedIn for several years, and enthused about its use in marketing and business development, I thought I knew my way around the system and how to use it. Mark showed me that there were lots of new ways to use LinkedIn, lots of untapped potential and some new things to just go try. The thing I like about Mark’s approach is that he sets out the options and the potential, and then lets you decide which way to go. I’ve learned new ways to use my profile, how to make our entire LinkedIn strategy more efficient and SEO friendly, and how to use the applications within LinkedIn to reach a wider audience. Excellent stuff, well presented with passion.”Steve Gilroy Chief Executive at Vistage UK


How To Get Started

To see why you should improve your use of LinkedIn with LinkedIn training, check out my videos. To discuss your requirements for your LinkedIn training – email me to arrange a call