Presenting to Connect

No more death by PowerPoint! This powerful seminar ensures you are equipped and ready to make a strong, more lasting connection with people you present to.

When you make a presentation, whether it is to colleagues, clients, prospects or professional contacts you are saying:

“I’ve earned the right to be up here and I’m an expert.”

When you do it well, in a confident and convincing manner, it is the very best way of marketing yourself and the business you represent.

Topics covered

  • a self-evaluation assessment to isolate individual areas for development
  • impromptu speaking
  • how to analyse your audience
  • how to read how they are receiving your information
  • opening a speech with impact
  • structuring a sales presentation
  • analysing your audience to understand the ways in which they process information
  • managing difficult people
  • listener-centred communication
  • barriers to listening to a sales presentation
  • how to structure a presentation to win over your audience

Experience has shown me that this seminar is best delivered to no more than eight delegates at one time.