Course Content for How to Work a Room

Course Content for How to Work a Room

Being expected to mingle amongst strangers with ease, to establish new business links, and to seek potential opportunities to do new business on behalf of your firm is, for between 80% and 90% of business people, both daunting and stress inducing.

The contents of the master class on How to Work a Room answers the most common questions and concerns raised by our delegates over the last thirteen years:

  • Will I be left standing on my own?
  • Which groups should I join?
  • How do I get into groups?
  • How do I leave a group?
  • What if I get stuck with someone?
  • How do I avoid just talking to people I already know?
  • How do I handle rude people or rejection?
  • How do I handle rejection?
  • What if I haven’t been able to approach the person I specifically wanted to meet?

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