Learning Outcomes for How to Work a Room

Learning Outcomes for How to Work a Room

An important component of Business Networking Skills Training, this master class in How to Work a Room will enable you to clearly recognize how a room works; see a wide range of choices which are available to you, upon entry; and will provide you with multiple options to answer that scary question: “Where do I start?”

In this 1 hour showcase on How to Work a Room, attendees will learn how to:

• recognise the dynamics of the ‘networking landscape’ when entering a room and how to be in command and control of this environment • understand the various group formats • better understand apparent rudeness and how to deal with it • join and leave groups easily • move-on (from even the ‘sticky’ guest) with respect and courtesy • recognise the many, often unseen, engagement options and choices available to you, which can reduce your stress • act as the Host of a conversational group and welcome other people into it • engage with the event host to facilitate important introductions • protect senior executives from being monopolised • have the self confidence to be at ease when among large groups of people • additionally, because of the unique and entertaining nature of this master class, delegates experience accelerated bonding due to this ‘shared’ experiential learning session, which makes it ideal for the opening session of a residential conference where delegates themselves may be unfamiliar with one another.

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